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Adam Green's cameraman BJ McDonnell set to make debut with Hatchet 3

09.30.2011by: Jake Dee

After serving under Adam Green for two films (sounds fun), BJ McDonnell is set to wield a HATCHET of his own!

That's right y'all...Variety is reporting McDonnell will get his crack at direction, though Green will help shepherd HATCHET 3 closely from pre to post-production. Here's a statement Green made:

"BJ was not only the camera operator on the first two 'Hatchet' movies. He was there alongside me creating every shot, working closely with me to craft each scene, moment, outrageous kill, and performance. He is absolutely beloved by the entire Hatchet family and his experience on everything from huge studio films to smaller independent productions will ensure that he will do the franchise proud."

Nice, nothing better than having full confidence from your mentor. Hopefully McDonnell keeps the franchise fresh when he starts production this February.

As for the plot, HATCHET 3 will pick up where the last film left off, as a young woman sought revenge on the malevolent monster that killed her family while they were fishing in Louisiana swamp country. Sequel will continue the story of villain Victor Crowley, who first made his gruesome mark in the original 2007 pic.

HATCHET hottie Danielle Harris

Extra Tidbit: You glad to see McDonnell get his chance or would you rather Adam Green direct part 3?
Source: Variety



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