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Adrien Brody not to crazy about Dario Argento's Giallo; Sues to stop release?!

10.19.2010by: Jared Pacheco
You guys remember that Dario Argento flick that's been rolling around for a couple years? The Adrien Brody starring GIALLO. I know you guys know what flick I'm talking about, hell the thing just scored US distribution in August. But alas it seems that may be put on hold...

You see according to The Hollywood Reporter's Esq. blog GIALLO star Adrien Brody has decided to sue the producers of the film and wants to stop distribution, which has the flick hitting DVD shelves today! So why is Brody getting all up in arms about this whole thing? Check it.

Apparently Brody signed a 'pay or play' deal about a week into production on GIALLO, which states that the actor realized the film was underfunded and that producers had failed to pay him an owed $640,000 into an escrow account. The producers promised Brody the "absolute right to withhold consent to the use of his likeness in the Picture" if he temporarily waved that $640,000. Well Brody signed on the dotted line and has yet to see a penny of that money, prompting the actor to file the lawsuit. In it he states he was never paid and that the story of new funding was "phony." It seems when he tried to contact the producers about the problem, he was ignored. Ouch.

What do you guys think? Is Brody right in trying to stop this bad boy from getting released? Does it even matter? Apparently this thing tanked pretty hard anyway. There's no telling what's going to happen with GIALLO at this point but you can be sure we'll keep an eye on this and when some more light gets shed on the situation we'll be sure to share the news with all of you.

GIALLO - Trailer

Extra Tidbit: GIALLO also stars the gorgeous Emmanuelle Seigner (above).
Source: THR, Esq.



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