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10.05.2006by: The Arrow

Its official, I am going to be at this year's AFM (November 1-8 2006). A good year to go as the AFM will open with a record of 589 films on this round, a 10% increase over last year’s slate, including 384 Market premieres (which is also a record). Furthermore, a record of 54 films are Official Selections at the AFI FEST and will be showcased at the AFM as well.

To keep tabs on all this, check out their new website, www.afmfilms.org which hosts the AFM Catalogue of Films. And that's not all! To take matters further the AFM is presently working with Google Video to host trailers.With this new option, exhibitors at the AFM will be able to upload and manage an unlimited number of trailers that Google Video would syndicate to the AFM website.

Some of the films playing this year will be Hatchet with Robert Englund, Masters of Horror 2: Family with George Wendt and The Tripper with Paul Reubens and Balthazar Getty. To check out the full film listings hit the AFM web site www.americanfilmmarket.com or www.afmfilms.org.

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