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10.31.2007by: PJ Germain
If you were looking for sequels to start slapping you in the face some more, then B-D has just the prescription for you. In their AFM coverage, it was learned that BOOGEYMAN 3, THE GRUDGE 3, MESSENGERS 2 and RISE 2 are all in the works. Each film already has their synopsis and directors attached. Each one is listed below:

Boogeyman 3 Written by: Brian Sieve
The follow up to the successful hit Boogeyman (2006) is the story of an evil that every culture has tried to define by giving it a name and a face. For college sophomore Sarah Morris, that evil is the Boogeyman. When Sarah witnesses the alleged suicide of her roommate, it sets off a supernatural chain reaction. As she tries to convince the rest of her dorm that the Boogeyman does exist, the evil force grows stronger and her friends pay the price. Now Sarah must stop this ultimate evil before the entire campus falls prey.

The Grudge 3 Director: Toby Wilkins Writer: Brad Keene
A young Japanese woman holds a secret to ending the curse of the Grudge. She travels to a haunted Chicago apartment building where she encounters a family battling to survive the ghosts. Together they confront the ghost of Kayako to save their souls from their impending tragic fate.

Messengers 2 Writer: Todd Farmer
This prequel goes back to the farm from the first film to finally learn the story of John Rollins – the simple North Dakota farmer, struggling to save his farm and hold his family together. When he places a mysterious scarecrow in his field his luck changes for the better… but it may be at the cost of his sanity.

Rise 2 Director: Gary Jones Writer: Ben Ketai
While searching for the truth about their parents’ disappearance, sexy 23-year-old Lexi Stone and her younger brother are taken captive by the cult of vampires. Lexi awakens to learn that she has become one of them and is now trapped in a strange world of carnal seduction and bloodlust. Lexi must find the strength to overcome temptation and become a hard-boiled warrior to save her brother.

I don't know how I feel about more sequels or sequels in general for these films. I feel like word of this strike is just making producers go into a frenzy to make a sequel to anything that made remotely any money.

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