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05.08.2008by: Jared Pacheco
The After Dark Horrorfest seems to be a hit or miss deal. They're either really good or really bad, I've heard complete mixed reviews all over the place. I haven't had a chance to check out any films from the 07 Horrorfest, but the 2006 one definately had it's ups and downs. PENNY DREADFUL was unbelievably bad while THE HAMILTONS was remarkably good, for example.

Well as long as there's some positive jive out there, it looks like After Dark are going to bring us at least one more Horrorfest. A little over a week ago Eric told us all that the first flick set to appear in the Horrorfest is THE BROKEN.

Well today we got word via a press release on the next two flicks to join the fun! Those films are FAITHLESS and PERKINS 14.

Get this though, not only will After Dark Films be distributing these films via it's Horrorfest, but they'll also be producing them! This marks the first time After Dark will be producing films set to be on their 8 Films to Die For Horrorfest.

FAITHLESS is about a young woman who thinks she is leaving her abusive life behind when she moves to Atlanta and ends up living at her family farm. She quickly learns that abuse comes in even crueler forms. It's directed by Stewart Hopewell with a script from Hopewell and Tim Long.

The second film, PERKINS 14, has got a more interesting backstory to it. Remember a few months ago, when I told you about how After Dark Films and Massify.com were looking for ideas from horror fans, ideas that would eventually become one of the 8 Films To Die For? Well PERKINS 14 is the culmination of that competition!

The simple synopsis for PERKINS 14 reads: PERKINS 14 revolves around the arrest of a suspected murderer and the bloodshed that follows. Lane Shadgett is penning the script off an idea from Jeremy Donaldson. Craig Singer is set to direct. Singer isn't a stranger to the After Dark Horrorfest, having directed previous entry DARK RIDE.

After Dark Films' CEO Courtney Solomon had the following to say:

“Both Faithless and Perkins’ 14 are thrilling and provocative and are prime examples of the type of films we will continue to deliver – great horror flicks that delve far deeper than most other films in this genre. It’s great to see the Horrorfest slate take shape as we gear up for this year’s fest. This move into producing films as part of Horrorfest is a new initiative and these two films are great examples to launch this concept.”

Both films are looking to start shooting consecutively this month in Romania. So the lineup thus far for After Dark's 8 Films To Die For 2008 reads: THE BROKEN, FAITHLESS, and PERKINS 14. We'll keep you updated on any other After Dark news... meanwhile enjoy the hottie below, who I'd love to meet after dark... or any time of the day for that matter.



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