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Ah! Mister Weed-Eater!

05.01.2009by: Mike Catalano

Now here is a fun little horror/humor tidbit that I just came across. Do you guys know who Joe R. Lansdale is? Donít worry, at first I didnít. Heís the author of the short story that Bruce Campbellís BUBBA HO-TEP was based on. Now, it seems that we have another of Lansdaleís stories that is getting the big-screen treatment. Itís called MISTER WEED-EATER (love the title) and writer/director, Brian James Fitzpatrick, will be the one driving the adaptation.

The whacky plot mows out like this: Mr. Harold has the day off from work, his son home with the chicken pox, and a menacing blind man recently hired as the grounds keeper by the church across the street at his front door with a weed-eater... then it starts to get weird. As his life falls apart, Mr. Harold will have to fight dirty to save his family (along with his sanity) while the Texas summer is slashed by the seemingly innocent sounds of Mister Weed-Eater ó A sticky tale of madness and terror.

I already know that Iíd see this. Hell, I may even pick up the book, SANCTIFIED AND CHICKEN-FRIED: THE PORTABLE LANSDALE, in which the short story resides. As for the flick, Damian Maffei (star of CLOSED FOR THE SEASON) is already attached. For further info on this WEED-EATER, you can check out its MySpace page here.

Extra Tidbit: How the hell could a blind guy mow lawn?
Source: Fangoria



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