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AITH Podcast #23

10.21.2009by: Ammon Gilbert

We promised an awesome guest for this week's Blood Bullets & Broads: The Arrow in the Head Podcast, and not only do we deliver one, but we deliver two! That's right folks, independent horror film writer / director / editor Ti West, pimping his latest project DEAD & LONELY and THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL swung by the podcast to shoot the shit and then some, talking on all sorts of things including...


The great Ti West with hotties Eric Walkuski and Ammon Gilbert!



  • How the IFC.com web series DEAD AND LONELY came about.
  • West's philosophy on making movies, how he applies it to horror movies, and why THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL is a period piece and not a throwback to the 1980s horror cinema.
  • The truth behind CABIN FEVER 2, and why it's not really a Ti West movie.
  • Brief details on his next project, THE HAUNTING IN GEORGIA.



    After Ti departs the program, our second guest of the evening comes on and shows us how to podcast the old-school way. JoBlo Podcast host and regular columnist here at AITH Jim Law steps into the guest role for once in his life, and gets drunk in the process. Eric and I try not and abuse him too much, but we can't help ourselves. Law throws down the law and talks to us about all kinds of cool shite, including...


    To say Jim Law likes to drink is to say that I love the High Life.


  • The tedious duty of being the 'Boobies of the Day' guy. It's a tough job, and only Jim Law can do it.
  • Jim's epic story about him, his brother, and THE EVIL DEAD on opening night in Detroit, MI.
  • We explore the dumbness that another SAW movie exists, and why we hope this will be the last.
  • The return of the AITH Podcast Horror BILF of the Week!
  • The awesomeness that is the DVD cover for LATE FEE.
  • Law's surprise suggestion of another kick-ass zombie comedy from the U.K.

    If having the immensely talented Ti West on the program wasn't big enough, throwing on Jim Law as the celebrity guest sweeper may have topped this week's Podcast into one of the greatest AITH Podcasts ever. Be sure to look out for West's DEAD AND LONELY over at IFC.com starting next week, and for THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL in theaters October 30th. And don't forget to check out the JoBlo Movie Podcast every Monday over at JoBlo.com for more of Jim Law.


    Eric double fisting Apricot Ales, a drunken Jim Law, and an even drunker Ammon Gilbert!

    With that in mind, sit back, relax, download the podcast below, sign up for the RSS feed, subscribe to that shit on iTunes, and get ready for the horrifying experience that is Blood Bullets & Broads: The AITH Podcast with epic special guests Ti West and Jim Law!!!

    If you have any comments or suggestions, shoot me an email at [email protected] or [email protected]. And if you have hate mail, direct them at [email protected], that'd be great. Eric loves hate mail.






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