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AITH Podcast #26

11.11.2009by: Ammon Gilbert

This Friday is Friday the 13th, and in its honor Blood Bullets & Broads: The Arrow in the Head Podcast decided to do something a little different. Along with special guest Mike Catalano, we decided to do a AITH Podcast first: record a full-length feature commentary on FRIDAY THE 13th PART 2!


That's right folks, we recorded a commentary track to the flick and you can play along too! Cue up your own copy of PART 2, and join Eric, Mike, and I as we watch one of our favorite FRIDAY's ever (and hear Mike's cherry popped as it's his first time viewing the flick in its entirety), and celebrate all that is FRIDAY the 13th! Some of the crap we discuss include...

Mike, Ammon, Sackhead Jason, and Eric.  Keepin' it real this Friday the 13th...

  • What type of GPS devise Jason must have used to travel all the way to the city to take his first victim.
  • The irony that PART 2 takes place 5 years after PART 1. And you thought JASON X was the first one to take it into the future!
  • Why was Sackhead Jason was ditched for the hockey mask? He seems to rock that sack pretty well here.
  • Is the dog at the end a zombie? A look-alike? Or was the person in charge of continuity out that day?

  • But don't worry, if you don't wanna watch PART 2 with us, you can still enjoy the Podcast, as we continue with our regularly scheduled program amidst all the wheelchair killings and cut-off T-shirts.

  • Favorite kill from PART 2... and possibly the entire series.

  • An update from Mike about one of the best DVD he's reviewed for the DVD Pub to date.
  • Eric's epic triple-feature he took in this week, including some Dolph Lundgren, Steven Seagal, and DMX.
  • A listener sends me some Miller High Life Gear points and I can't stop talking about all the cool shite you can get stamped with the High Life brand.

    Awesome kill, though not as original as you might have thought. Gotta tune in and hear why!

    But we don't stop there. Commentary on FRIDAY THE 13TH: PART 2, regular AITH Podcast Shenanigans, and... the second AITH Caption-the-Pic Contest! We're giving away a special DVD treat this week, and all you have to do is head over to my MovieFanCentral page and Caption THIS PIC for your chance to win your very own copy of THANKSKILLING, hitting DVD shelves everywhere next Tuesday (November 17th)!


    So what are you waiting for? Head THIS WAY, Caption said pic with something funny enough to make Eric and I chuckle, and you could win your very own copy of THANKSKILLING, just in time for the holiday season. What can I say, Eric and I are easy!

    We're sitting on edge listening to the scariest campfire story ever told. That, and I think Mike just ripped one.

    With that in mind, sit back, relax, download the podcast below, sign up for the RSS feed, subscribe to that shit on iTunes, and get ready for the horrifying experience that is Blood Bullets & Broads: The AITH Podcast, the FRIDAY THE 13TH: PART 2 commentary special edition with guest Mike Catalano!!

    If you have any comments or suggestions, shoot me an email at [email protected] or [email protected]. And if you have hate mail, direct them at [email protected], that'd be great. Eric loves hate mail.



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