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AITH Podcast: Ammon's one man horror show!

07.08.2009by: Ammon Gilbert

Last week you were rewarded with a guest joining Blood Bullets & Broads: The AITH Podcast; however, this week you're sucker-punched back into the one-man show. No worries though, I promise to deliver the same sappy horeshit you've come to expect by now and then some!

This week's episode ponders some of the following questions...


  • What are the top 5 summer camp horror movies?
  • What drinking game can you play while watching the original FRIDAY THE 13th?
  • How is it possible that I briefly met this week's Horro BILF?
  • Do Zombie Nazis really equal a good time?

    All these and more will be answered during this week's AITH Podcast. Don't be too alarmed that it's just me this week, as I can almost promise you some special guests arriving in the near future. So sit back, relax, download the podcast below, sign up for the RSS feed, subscribe to that shit on iTunes, and get ready for the horrifying experience that is Blood Bullets & Broads: The AITH Podcast.


    If you have any comments or suggestions, shoot me an email at [email protected] or [email protected].

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