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Aja dreading Piranha

05.22.2008by: Ammon Gilbert
Pimp-daddy horror director Alexandre Aja had a chance to chat with Fangoria about his upcoming project, the remake of PIRANHA--this time, in 3-D.

What makes this chat so compelling is that it appears as though Aja is dreading the shoot more than any other movie he's ever done. Check out this little snippet:

I think I picked the worst project for me. You cannot do worse than water, underwater kids, spring break, shooting during summer, a lot of CGI, a lot of prosthetics. I have the worst elements for a movie...

But don't worry! While he seems to be dreading the project, he's also really looking forward to the challenge and can't wait for production to begin later next month. Oh those directors, they're so dramatic! I know about a thousand other people who would be more than happy to be in Aja's shoes right now...

Pokes aside, Aja actually sounds enthusastic and excited about starting PIRANHA 3-D, and honestly... so am I! Another 3-D movie featuring killer fish? I'm so there!

To check out the whole chat, including how PIRANHA 3-D is closely related to James Cameron's AVATAR, click HERE, and get for Aja's MIRRORS, aiming to hit theaters everywhere August 15th.

Filming Spring Break is gonna be tough... poor Aja.
Source: Fangoria



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