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Albert Pyun reveals the key art for his upcoming film H.P. Lovecraft's Cool Air

03.20.2012by: Marcey Papandrea

Albert Pyun is a busy man, seems like he just doesn’t stop working, that’s dedication! He has a brand new film in the works, an adaption of a H.P. Lovecraft short story called COOL AIR. It is set to make its debut later in the year at the Estepona International Film Festival.

The final version of the key art has been unveiled, including the credits (below). Pyun posted the above still along with this message: H. P. Lovecraft's Cool Air features great performances by Morgan Weisser, Wendy Phillips and Crystal Green who is really creepy and ultimately tragic in the film. I'm very proud of the movie, another that took years to finish. But its done and I think Lovecraft fans will love it and so will fans of creepy horror films like The Ring.

Sounds good to me, Pyun and Lovecraft sounds like a fine concept; I look forward to seeing this one! Pyun is such an interesting filmmaker, and I honestly can’t imagine anyone more suited to Lovecraft. Hopefully we all wont have to wait too long to see this!

Extra Tidbit: Albert Pyun's films include MEAN GUNS, NEMESIS and CYBORG.
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Spitting Bullets
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1:00PM on 03/20/2012

looks good

didnt he also directed the 1990 captain america too??
didnt he also directed the 1990 captain america too??
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