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Alex Proyas goes back to his dystopian roots in sci-fi thriller Future Perfect

05.26.2011by: Jake Dee

What's your favorite Alex Proyas movie? Is it THE CROW? DARK CITY? Perhaps it's I, ROBOT or KNOWING.

Well whatever your choice is, it seems the Egyptian born filmmaker is headed back to his dystopian roots in a new sci-fi thriller called FUTURE PERFECT. Thing is, Proyas only plans to produce and godfather the film into fruition. He'll neither write nor direct, but apparently has plans to package the project much like DISTRICT 9 was; with a modest budget, a high profile producer, an up and coming director, indie financing and a location far from Hollywood.

Set to be directed by Shane Abbess (GABRIEL), from a script by Brian McGreevy and Lee Shipman (HARKER) - FUTURE PERFECT follows an older man and a young girl, both eugenically created assassins, must go on the run, in a dynamic that may or may not be that of a father and daughter.

The flick is said to have shades of PAPER MOON and HANNA...both treatises on the father-daughter relationship.

Sounds pretty solid, no? Not sure it's more awesome sounding than Proyas' planned Dracula film or his supernatural take on PARADISE LOST, but it's still something worth keeping tabs on. Don't ya think?

KNOWING hottie Rose Byrne!

Extra Tidbit: How do you like the sound of FUTURE PERFECT at this point?
Source: L.A. Times



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