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Aliens looking to abduct Keri Russell's son in Scott Stewart's Dark Skies

04.04.2012by: Eric Walkuski

The aliens are coming! Again..!

Scott Stewart, the man behind PRIEST and LEGION (groan), is allegedly working on an alien invasion thriller called DARK SKIES. Bloody Disgusting has learned that the project is being prepped by Dimension Films; in addition, Keri Russell ("Felicity") and Daniel Barrett are in talks to star.

DARK SKIES centers around a 6-year-old boy who's apparently been "marked" by an alien (living among us) for future abduction. Russell and Barrett are negotiating to play the boy's financially-struggling parents.

Flick is being produced by Blumhouse Productions, which basically produces half of all horror movies nowadays. (They have the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY films to their credit, as well as u[coming chillers AREA 51, VIGILANDIA, SINISTER and LORDS OF SALEM.) Alliance Films is also on board.

Hopefully we'll learn for certain if DARK SKIES is ready to lift off in the coming weeks.

Extra Tidbit: Scott Stewart is also producing a television series based on his film LEGION.



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