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11.19.2009by: Jake Dee

With the 2009 American Film Market officially wrapped, some interesting looking horror flicks are starting to surface. One such flick is BEACON77, a British supernatural horror/thriller from Brad Watson (ASSYLUM NIGHT, DIFFERENT SHADES OF GRAHAM).

Co-written by Watson and first timer Debbie Moon, starring Kelly Adams, Lucy Evans, Vivienne Harvey, David Horton, Calita Rainford, and Jonathan Rhodes – BEACON 77 kicks into gear when:

Two young women arrive at a curious penthouse apartment, led by one's crush on her tutor. However, her love interest doesn't live alone. He's part of a trio of computer hackers about to embark on the ultimate job on the world's most mysterious mainframe. Whilst doing so, they unlock more than they bargain for with supernatural and ultimately fatal results.

Can this seemingly insignificant chain of events, which have thrown this group together, be construed as fate? Can the beacon provide a signal of hope or is it a web of manipulation, paranoia and ultimately... murder?

HACKERS faces off with THE HAUNTING? Far worse a premise could be, don’t ya’ think?

No word when the movie will be available for viewing, but as mentioned in the opener, it did screen a couple weeks back during the AMF.

The worth is in the wait I guess, but until then check out the trailer underneath!

Extra Tidbit: This is not to be confused with the Michael Stokes film THE BEACON!
Source: AITH



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