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01.25.2007by: Ammon Gilbert
After look at the new poster of the latest genre effort from Rob Schmidt, the folks behind THE ALAPHABET KILLER must have received a bunch of interest, as today we now have a look at the teaser trailer for the flick over the film's

It's a nice and long teaser that's more of a full trailer than a 'teaser', and somehow, even though it's presented in glorious Quicktime, the picture quality looks like shit- something I'd find off of YouTube, and NOT the film's Official Site. Kinda weird, but what can you do?

Other than the picture quality, the trailer starts off as a nice little deranged killer who must be tracked down movie feel to it, and quickly turns into something else. Not exactly sure what it turns into exactly, but rockin' tunes and the lovely Eliza Dushku loosing her mind ensues by the end. Meh.

To see what I mean, go ahead and click HERE, and prepare for THE ALPHABET KILLER, as I'm sure it'll be released at some point this year.
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