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Alphabet Killer producers creating multiple murderers in Omphalos

04.04.2011by: Eric Walkuski

Isen Robbins and Aimee Schoof, two of the producers on the Eliza Dushku-starrer THE ALPHABET KILLER are gearing up production on OMPHALOS, a surreal murder mystery from director Gabriel Judet-Weinshel.

The intriguing story centers on a down-on-his-luck detective forced to investigate his own murder, only to discover multiple versions of himself -- not all of them friendly.

Edoardo Ballerini ("Boardwalk Empire"; pictured right) will star as the detective as well as produce. Shooting will begin in the summer in New York and New Mexico.

I'm glad someone is finally getting around to documenting this phenomenon. Lord knows I have like five or six different version of me walking around doing terrible things. Sucks trying to explain that to the police, though.

Extra Tidbit: What would you do if you found out there were multiple version of yourself?
Source: Variety



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