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Amber Stevens & Ana De La Reguera join bayou-set ghost story Jessabelle

04.24.2012by: Jake Dee

Kevin Greutert's bayou-set ghost story JESSABELLE continues to cast hot young female talent, today two more bona fide lookers join Sarah Snook and Joelle Carter. The primary male lead of the film - the always solid Mark Webber - is without a doubt one lucky batch!

Deadline has it that Amber Stevens (right) and Ana De La Reguera (below) have both joined the cast of JESSABELLE. While Stevens' role is unknown, word is Reguera will play a physical therapist in the movie.

Written by "The State" alum Ben Garant:

JESSABELLE follows a woman who is forced to return to her father's home in Louisiana when a car accident leaves her without the use of her legs. It's not long before she discovers a mystery surrounding her own birth, as well as an angry ghost determined to destroy her.

Lionsgate will distribute for Blumhouse and Principato-Young Entertainment.

Extra Tidbit: Better title: JESSABELLE or its original, JESSABELLEM?
Source: Deadline



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