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10.03.2008by: Ammon Gilbert

I don't know if you've noticed, but it's already October, also known as the best time of the year, as fall is kicking in to full gear and it seems like everybody wants to sit down to watch a scary movie all month long, leading up to Halloween. Yes, it's good to be a horror fan in October.

Along with the excuse to watch a different horror movie every day this month, there are other things like contests looking to hone in on the time of year. Specifically, AMC is hosting a YOUR GREATEST FEAR contest--all you have to do is send in a one minute video of your greatest fear (in the form of a narrative, a scene, mini-documentary, dream sequence, etc.), and you could win the grand prize of $4,000 cash and have your video aired during one of AMC's upcoming Fear Friday specials! How cool is that?

If you don't win the to prize, maybe you'll get into the top 10--hey, there's a prize for that too! Horror movie DVDs don't have quite the ring of cold hard cash... then again, who doesn't love getting free horror DVDs? Quantity of DVDs nor exact titles are known, but I'm sure the selection will be awesome.

Did I mention Rob Zombie is judging the entries to help determine the winner? Because he is. Yes, the Rob Zombie. To check out all the details on the contest and how to enter, click HERE. You better hurry, the contest only lasts until Halloween, so start crackin'! Winners will be announced November 30th. And if you end up winning, drop us a line and let us know (I'll be expecting a cut of the prize money as a 'finder's fee). Good luck!

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