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"American Horror Story" co-creator and Apollo 18 scribe team for sci-fi/horror script

01.23.2012by: Eric Walkuski

That Ryan Murphy is one busy cat. Having recently put the first season of "American Horror Story" successfully under his belt, the man is prepping the follow-up season, overseeing his other series, "Glee", and getting to work on a feature film called THE NORMAL HEART which will star Julia Roberts... But that's not slowing him down none.

Murphy is embarking on a super secret sci-fi/horror project for Sony; he'll co-write with APOLLO 18 screenwriter Brian Miller. The story details at this point are nil, so we'll have to wait for an idea of what it's about.

John Palermo (DRIVE) is producing with Murphy; no director has been tapped yet.

APOLLO 18 was Miller's first feature film credit, although he's since been hired to write an untitled sci-fi thriller for Paramount.

"American Horror Story" star Alexandra Breckinridge

Extra Tidbit: Did you like what Murphy did with "American Horror Story"?
Source: Variety



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