American Mary star Tristan Risk joins Ryan M. Andrews' Save Yourself

Ryan M. Andrews, director of SICK and BLACK EVE, is venturing back into the world of horror with SAVE YOURSELF, a film about a road trip that turns into a bloody battle for survival when a handful of girls come across a disturbed couple. This outta be good!

Today, we've got news that AMERICAN MARY actress Tristan Risk has joined the film, who says, "It definitely gets dark and violent, but there is a fun aspect to these characters. The five women on the road trip represent various stereotypes of female characters in horror films. One of them is the slut, one is the girl next door, one is the bitch and so on. So we’re definitely having fun with these characters but with the seriousness of the situation, the audience won’t be laughing.” Tristan Risk will also be seen in the Todd E. Freeman-directed horror flick LOVE SICK, which will start shooting this winter; check out the first promo image for LOVE SICK right HERE.

Here’s a synopsis:

Five young women head to L. A. to screen their horror film. But after a stop over in a sleepy town, they may never be heard from again.  One by one, they enter a bloody battle for survival at the hands of a deranged couple, hell bent on using them for their mysterious research.  Who will survive and what becomes of their ultimate discovery?

SAVE YOURSELF also stars Ry Barrett, who takes on the role of the villain in the film, Jessica Cameron, Tianna Nori and Sydney Kondruss.

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