American Mythology unveils covers for issue 0 of the Hatchet comic book

Hatchet Victor Crowley

Adam Green's HATCHET slasher film franchise may (or may not) have wrapped up as a trilogy, but the series' villain Victor Crowley will continue hacking up victims in the pages of an upcoming comic book series from American Mythology. Details are scarce on what writer James Kuhoric has planned for the comic, all we really know is that it will "take HATCHET in bold new directions".

Multiple story arcs are already planned out for the comic series, which has the following description: 

Cursed to live out his terrifying last moments again and again, Crowley brutally murders anyone foolish enough to enter his swamp sanctuary. Filled with over the top gore, classic movie monster horror, and a boatload of black humor, this is the ultimate comic for fright fans!

That gore will be brought to the page through the art of Andrew Mangum in Hatchet issue #0, which is scheduled to reach store shelves in March of 2017.

Multiple covers have been created for issue #0, and Bleeding Cool got their hands on most of them to share with fans. Below you can see the covers by artists Mangum, Greg LaRocque, and Buz Hasson, along with a "blank splatter sketch cover". A fifth cover will also be available, a special R-rated premium cover, but that one has not yet been unveiled.

This isn't the first time Victor Crowley has stalked the pages of a comic book: the slasher also went up against the heroes of the book Hack/Slash in a special crossover issue back in 2011.

The Hatchet series is definitely a "must buy" for me; I will be adding this to my subscription list as soon as possible.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be collecting the Hatchet comics?
Source: Bleeding Cool



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