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12.29.2009by: Jared Pacheco

Not only is Mary Harron's AMERICAN PSYCHO one of my favorite films of the past decade, it's one of my favorite films of all time! From the second I watched AMERICAN PSYCHO I was in love. Sure that may mean I've got something wrong with me... but I'm fine with it! The film is just amazing! And it's mostly thanks to Christian Bale's outstanding portrayal of 'Patrick Bateman.'

Now obviously the film isn't new, having been released a little under ten years ago, but that's not stopping an international television station! New Zealand television station TV2 recently decided to throw up a billboard to promote it's showing of AMERICAN PSYCHO. Scope that shite out above thanks to The Hollywood Reporter's The Live Feed.

The Perfect Billboard. Eggshell white with Romalian type. Nice. Raised lettering. A subtle 7 inch bone border. And just look at the tasteful thickness of the headline. All perched on four evenly spaced, 3.2 metre, powder-coated stanchions. My God, it even has a watermark.

Brilliant. Sure people who have never seen the film will have no idea how significant this billboard is, but I bet it caught a lot of people's attention regardless. After you're done checking that out be sure to scope out the video below. It's Miles Fisher's cover of The Talking Heads' 'This Must Be The Place.' Any fan of AMERICAN PSYCHO will dig this video. Enjoy.

Extra Tidbit: Along with Bale AMERICAN PSYCHO also stars Josh Lucas, Willem Dafoe, Jared Leto and Reese Witherspoon (above).
Source: THR Feed



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