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Analeigh Tipton joins Blumhouse thriller Viral

04.29.2014by: Ryan Miller

WARM BODIES star Analeigh Tipton (pictured) has just been slated to star in Blumhouse Production‘s outbreak horror thriller VIRAL (formerly PESTE) from CATFISH directing tandem Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman. The due most recently helmed PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 and 4 for Blumhouse and are heading into production on the IM Global and BHI-backed production next week.

Here’s what we know about the flick:

VIRAL follows the aftermath of a lethal parasitic outbreak which causes alien-like tentacles to sprout from the infected, who then develop a craving for their fellow humans.

In the film Tipton will play Stacey, whose suburban life with her parents and sister Emma is upturned when the virus spreads to their neighborhood and they’re trapped within their quarantined city along with the increasingly violent infected. Keep an eye out for more casting news on VIRAL soon!

Source: Deadline



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