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01.25.2008by: Jared Pacheco
Anchor Bay has just picked up distribution rights to JACK BROOKS: MONSTER SLAYER. This is some awesome news, and I've never even heard of the flick!

After researching it though, MONSTER SLAYER looks like an awesome time. The synopsis reads:

After witnessing the brutal murder of his family, Jack Brooks (Trevor Matthews) is left with an unquenchable fury he is constantly fighting to control.

Now worknig as a local plumber and struggiling in a relationship with his girlfriend Eve (Rachel Skarsten), Jack's life has become a downward spiral. One night, Jack attempts to fix Professor Crowley's (Robert Englund) old, rusted pipes, but unknowingly awakens an ancient evil. Lured by this demonic power, Crowley discovers a monstrous black heart that quickly forces its way inside him. Possessed by the heart now beating in his chest, the Professor starts a slow, gruesome transformation. Only then does Jack realize that he can't run frmo his past, and quickly discovers the true pupose of his inner rage.

Sounds like a plot that would fit in with an EVIL DEAD flick or video game. I'm definately down!

MONSTER SLAYER is written by John Ainslie and directed by Jon Knautz. It stars Trevor Matthews, genre legend Robert Englund, Rachel Skarsten (below), and James A. Woods. We all know Mr. Englund loves the independant stuff, and only chooses roles in scripts he finds great.

The flick was shown at Slamdance this past Saturday. The deal with Anchor Bay consists of a reported mid-six-figures and a theatrical commitment, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Every bit of this points to good news in my eyes. To check out some awesome stills from the flick, head over to UHM and check out the film's official website too.

We'll keep you updated on anything with hear for MONSTER SLAYER.

MONSTER SLAYER just keeps getting better, hottie Rachel Skarsten



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