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Andrea Riseborough joins Alexander Skarsgard in outbreak thriller Hidden

04.25.2012by: Jake Dee

Earlier this month came the news that "True Blood" alum Alexander Skarsgard landed a starring gig in HIDDEN, a new outbreak thriller from the brothers Duffer. Well, If Skars is to be the patriarch of the endangered fam, get ready to meet moms!

THR has it that English actress Andrea Riseborough (pictured) has landed the key female lead in HIDDEN. The film is being dubbed an elevated horror-thriller about a family hiding in a bomb shelter after escaping a mysterious outbreak.

After a few years in TV, Riseborough has done like 10 movies in the last 3 years. For our purposes, she's been in BRIGHTON ROCK, has recently wrapped DISCONNECT, and is currently filming OBLIVION with Tom Cruise.

HIDDEN, which reminds me of TAKE SHELTER meets THE DIVIDE, is set to shoot later this year. Let's hope it draws as much emotion as those two flicks ay?

Extra Tidbit: Alex and Andrea...cute couple or what?
Source: THR



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