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Andy Serkis leads the ape revolution in Rise of the Apes

06.29.2010by: Eric Walkuski

Andy Serkis may have thought he was done monkeying around after poor old King Kong fell off the Empire State Building (spoiler alert!), but he was wrong. The news is coming out that Serkis has joined the cast of RISE OF THE APES - and yes, he's playing an ape.

Serkis will portray - via movie magic - "Caesar", the ape that leads the uprising after being raised by the father-son team of John Lithgow and James Franco.

I still find it weird that this movie is even being made; that said, the cast lined up so far is pretty damn exciting, and Weta is doing the visual effects, so kind of hard not to get just a little pumped. (Serkis and Weta have a pretty good relationship, don't ya know...)

The one thing I really hope doesn't happen is that there will be thousands of silly-looking CG apes bouncing off of buildings like those unconvincing androids in I, ROBOT.

Directed by Rupert Wyatt, RISE OF THE APES will open almost a year from now, on JUNE 24th, 2011. Shooting begins next month in San Francisco.

APES co-star Freida Pinto

Extra Tidbit: How do you feel about the "photo realistic" ape angle, as opposed to guys in costumes?
Source: Variety



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