Animated Ghostbusters movie reportedly in the works


If you haven't had your fill of GHOSTBUSTERS news - good or bad, depending on your perspective - then here's another marshmallow for your fire. Sony, which recently wrapped Paul Feig's all-female GHOSTBUSTERS film and is currently producing an all-male version with the Russo Brothers, has allegedly put into development an animated GHOSTBUSTERS movie. According to The Tracking Board, this untitled project is being produced by Tom Pollock and Ivan Reitman through their Montecito Picture Company, with Ali Bell and Kristine Belson overseeing for Sony Pictures Animation.

The other creatives on this film haven't been revealed, so no idea who's writing or directing. How it all ties in to the Feig film or the Russos' also remains to be seen. Will it be an update of The Real Ghostbusters kiddie series from the late 80s? Again, who knows.

What we do know is that Sony, after having a very bad year indeed, is desperate to reboot some of its key franchises. Expect to see plenty of GHOSTBUSTERS projects pop up in the next few years, in addition to a revival of MEN IN BLACK. Do I smell a crossover?!


Extra Tidbit: Are you game for an animated Ghostbusters flick?
Source: Tracking Board



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