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Another brief new look at The X-Files!

07.17.2015by: Eric Walkuski

Look at it this way, at least these glimpses of The X-Files reboot are getting longer! Naturally, that isn't saying much. Last week we got a very quick peek at the revived sci-fi series - a measly 4 seconds - and today we have a whole 15 seconds to chew over! I want to believe that we'll soon see an actual trailer; hell, I'll take 30 whole seconds with no complaints.

In any event, here you'll see Mulder, Scully, some intimidating soldiers, a person lugging corpses and, at the very beginning, what looks to be a downed plane's engine? Can't quite make it out, perhaps you can.

The X-Files returns to television on Sunday, January 24th, after the NFC Championship game; there will be another the next day, Monday, January 25th. That's good stuff if you ask me!



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