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Another teen sci-fi fantasy headed our way in the name of Walls of the Universe

10.14.2010by: Jake Dee

Perhaps cut from the same cloth as TWILIGHT and I AM NUMBER FOUR is an upcoming teen-centric sci-fi fantasy flick called THE WALLS OF THE UNIVERSE, newly set up at Strange Weather productions. The film will be produced by SHREK overseer Aaron Warner, along with SHREK and SHREK 2 co-director Andrew Adamson. Care to learn what this bastard's all about? Let's run it...

From novelist Paul Melko, THE WALLS OF THE UNIVERSE is a sci-fi tale that tracks the adventures of an Ohio high-schooler named John Rayburn as his parallel universe doppelganger, John Prime, hoodwinks him into switching places and strands him in John Prime's universe.

Okay, so maybe not the hardened-horror content we all crave 'round here...but in an unbelievably slow October news cycle...it'll have to do. Besides, any comparisons to BACK TO THE FUTURE is alright by me:

"We think it has a ton of potential to explore the idea of parallel universes in a personal way, like 'Back to the Future' did with time travel," beamed Warner.

Speaking of Marty McFly, get some kicks by checking out a shot-for-shot trailer remake of BACK TO THE FUTURE, this time with Michael J. Fox hopping back into the DeLorean to travel to the 2010 Scream Awards.

Done checkin' that shite out? Now tell me THE WALLS OF THE UNIVERSE can even remotely compare.

SHREK'S Cameron Diaz!

Extra Tidbit: You decide: should AITH cover THE WALLS OF THE UNIVERSE?
Source: Variety



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