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Anthony Hopkins to play Alfred Hitchcock in biopic for director Sacha Gervasi?

01.21.2011by: Jake Dee

Anthony Hopkins has been linked to portray iconic filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock for a few years now, but nothing's ever come of it. Think that'll ever change?!?

THR seems to think so, as Hopkins is now in talks to star in ALFRED HITCHCOCK AND THE MAKING OF adaptation of Stephen Rebello's nonfiction book. Sacha Gervasi (ANVIL: THE STORY OF ANVIL) is being looked at to direct the film, from a script by BLACK SWAN's John McLaughlin.

No exact details on the plot have been given, but suffice it to say - since the book focuses on Hitch's dogged determination to make a low budget, TV style horror movie at the height of his career when no studio wanted to touch it - and McLaughlin's script focuses on the relationship between Hitch and his wife of 54 years Alma Reville - the film will incorporate elements of both.

Warner Bros. is getting first dibs on the film, since it has good ties with Montecito Picture Company.

No deals with Hopkins and Gervasi have been finalized, so stay tuned for more as we land it.

In the meantime, let us know how you dig (or dismiss) the idea of Hopkins as Hitch. Kinda seems perfect to me!

Extra Tidbit: You like Hopkins as Hitchcock or what?
Source: THR



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