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10.27.2008by: Ammon Gilbert
The boys over at B-D scored some inside scoopage regarding the next film for SAW V cinematographer David A. Armstrong... not his next cinematographer gig, but his next directorial gig!

According to B-D, Armstrong is going to make his feature film debut with DETAILS, about a troubled, small town police chief who hunts for a serial killer with the help of a psychic while trying to avoid coming under suspicion himself.

Sounds like a spin-off of THE DEAD ZONE and could end up being pretty damn awesome. Since filming is set to begin next year in Louisiana, I wonder whether he'll be back as DP for SAW VI, which hasn't been officially announced yet, but as SAW V is already profitable, there's no doubt the series will continue (even if it shouldn't).

Stick around for more details on... DETAILS... in the meantime, head THIS WAY for the full scoop.

Source: B-D



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