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Army/Frankenstein art

04.24.2009by: Mike Catalano

A couple of weeks back, Jared P. gave us an update on the very interesting ARMY OF FRANKENSTEIN, which came in the form of some super cool promo imagery as well as the scoop that the flick would be serving as a cost-effective prequel to the scrapped WORST CASE SCENARIO. Well, my friends, today we have a brand new update for you on FRANKENTSTEINís progression, plus a fresh (and kick-ass) piece of concept art (up top).

First off, that image above is just incredible. Sure, weíre dealing with another ďzombie NaziĒ type of flick here, but I really donít consider that a problem, especially if it is being done with the same kind of creative intensity evident in this artwork. Here is what FRANKENSTEINSís creator, Richard Raaphorst, had to say regarding the development of this project:

"We are preparing key elements of the story, the artwork and the production approach along with conducting talks with a small number of interested producers and financiers. We are keeping the project under wraps for the time being, trying to keep things low key. All I can say is that it takes place in 1945 at the end of the war in between Polish and German Borderlines. We are exploring the possibilities of using a high, advanced, new and unknown technology to put it on film."

Very interesting, indeed! I have a feeling that ARMY OF FRANKENSTEIN will soon be turning into one major genre offering to look out for. You can bet your swastika-kicking butt Iíll be looking out for further info as it pops up.

Extra Tidbit: Does FRANKENSTEIN mean anything special to this project?
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