Arnie the Schwarz set to give the fans a spectacle with the new Conan movie!

As Arnold the Schwarz does his best Sheriff this month in THE LAST STAND, of course the obligatory press rounds must be made. Lucky for us, when speaking to MTV, Arnold revealed some cool sounding shite regarding the next CONAN flick. Check it...

Here's what the Schwarz said about to Josh Horowitz:

"I'm excited [about it] because I've been hyping the idea to Universal Studios for quite some time. The important thing with the 'Conan' project is to make it into an A-movie that they treat it like a '300' or any of those great movies, rather than a B-movie where they hack a few heads off, a few limbs off and run around with a sword."

Yeah, I like the B-movie angle better.


"The audience and the fans are very sophisticated. They've seen all the 'Spider-Man' and 'Superman' and 'Iron Man' [movies] and the 'Expendables' as regular action movies. They've seen it all...So when they see a 'Conan' movie coming, they demand a spectacle. That's what we tried to do with 'Last Stand' — to give them the car chases, cars going 200 mph, racing through cornfields, crazy stuff you haven't seen before. You have to give them great entertainment"

I highly doubt Arnie and the studio will get someone as talented as Kim-ji Woon for CONAN, but still, it seems he knows what an audience wants to see, and will shape the film accordingly. Pros and cons to that, sure, but at least the real Conan the Barbarian will be on the scene at least one more time. Stoked for that!

THE LAST STAND hottie Genesis Rodriguez!

Extra Tidbit: What kind of new CONAN movie would you like to see?
Source: MTV



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