Arrow in the Head gets a horror TV Reviews section!

Hey all, as you know the horror genre has been taking more and more room in TV land, with countless genre TV Shows being released on a yearly basis. I am talking BATES MOTEL, HANNIBAL, THE WALKING DEAD, the recent PENNY DREADFUL or the upcoming THE STRAIN. All that horror loving on the boob-tube prompted us to launch our new TV section which  is now available via the MENU above! Just click TV REVIEWS and get the goodness!

We'll hopefully be adding more shows in the future, but that all depends on the interest from our audience i.e. you! Some shows we covered and still cover were successful (like The Walking Dead and American Horror Story), other shows we've had to pull the plug on (like Hannibal) due to lack of interest from our readers. So yes, at the end of the neck snap, you decide what we will focus on by the interest you show us. What are the upcoming shows we'll be reviewing? Well we just started PENNY DREADFUL and we'll certainly give THE STRAIN and CONSTANTINE a shot!

Your participation, shares and comments will define which show stays and which go! So if you have any suggestions as to what we should wrangle, send them our way by way of e-mail HERE or you can hit us up on FACEBOOK and TWITTER. Welcome to Fright Night kids...FOR REAL! :)

We're stoked for Constantine! Are you?

Extra Tidbit: So what shows that we are not covering would you like us to tackle?



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