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Arrow joins 100 Feet

04.13.2007by: JoBlo

With the Arrow (aka John Fallon) being my best friend, I have been privy to this casting possibility for months now, but now that it's been made official, I am more than happy to announce it, as John Fallon has been cast as 'Jimmy' in Eric Red's latest feature entitled 100 FEET. The film will begin shooting in Hungary in a couple of weeks and continue shooting through next month, with some work in NY as well. John will join the shoot before and after his coverage of the Cannes Film Festival, with yours truly, in the month of May.

I'm super stoked for my friend and look forward to seeing this film more than ever now. Check out what the writer/director Eric Red had to say about his latest casting addition, as well as the Arrow himself further down below. All the best, dudes!!

Eric Red: ďThe character John plays is Jimmy, the Department Of Correction police technician who puts the electronic ankle bracelet on Famke Janssenís character Marnie and tells her how it works. Jimmy is a tough but sympathetic internet type cop guy who introduces the heroine to her home prison in the beginning. Johnís perfect casting and is going to be great. Heís already done his homework and spent time with police in the house arrest division for research on authenticity. Plus on a personal note, itís neat evolution of a long friendship having him be in one of my pictures and itís going to be a lot of fun working together!Ē

John Fallon: "Consider me a very happy camper on varied levels as to this acting gig. First itís the biggest role Iíve ever had in a big budget production. Yes, I get more than two lines! Second; the bulk of my part is opposite a fav of mine, actress Famke Janssen. Iíve loved her in Goldeneye, City of Industry , House on a Haunted Hill, Lord of Illusions and of course, Deep Rising, and it will be a joy for me to work with her. Finally and more importantly, Iíll get to work with Eric Red in a new capacity. Red was a major inspiration for me when I was younger via his visceral and brilliant screenplays. He actually motivated me to start writing in the first place. And now I get to be on set to witness him do his magic. The term ďfull circleĒ canít help but come to my feeble mind. Iím beyond anxious and excited to see Red take down the fort and to be part of it at thatÖ I couldnít ask for more! Today is a good f*cking day!"

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