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Arrow @ Rambotown!

09.22.2009by: The Arrow

"I could have killed 'em all, I could kill you. In town you're the law, out here it's me. Don't push it. Don't push it or I'll give you a war you won't believe. Let it go. Let it go." - John Rambo

For anybody that knows me for more than 5 minutes, it's no secret that I am huge fan of SYLVESTER STALLONE and most of his 80's/90's flicks. The RAMBO and ROCKY series, NIGHTHAWKS, COBRA (man I love that one), OVER THE TOP, LOCK UP, TANGO AND CASH, CLIFFHANGER, all favorites of mine. A couple of years back I hit up PHILLY for a ROCKY weekend, got to run up the steps, took pics with the ROCKY statue and even got a still of me and Sly (in the same frame). This year, being that I am in Vancouver, BC, I figured I'd check out the city of HOPE, BC, why? Cause that's where they shot one of my fav Sly films and fav action films of all time: FIRST BLOOD.

Rambo, looking for Hope...

Now even though the TOURISTIC CENTER in Hope provided us with a MAP of the locations and that the locals were the nicest people, always happy to help out, it wasn't obvious to find them. Think a scavenger hunt. They should have had signs at every key location pointing them out if ya ask me. I'm sure I was standing at some and didn't even know it. On second though, searching like a bastard for them was a hoot in itself. So with that yapped, here's a picture essay of some of the FIRST BLOOD goodies I caught while in the city of HOPE. Enjoy!

Arriving in HOPE BC. In the film it was HOPE, WASHINGTON, they made it an American town near Portalnd.

Yup, I'm in RAMBO TOWN! I respect the fact that the city has embraced its John Rambo roots status!

The SIGN when RAMBO first walks into HOPE is now located at a CAMP GROUND. Better there than in the trash.

This is where SHERRIFF TEASLE (played brilliantly by Brian Dennehy) picks up RAMBO when he first strolls on into HOPE.

The location I was looking forward to the most. The famous bridge where RAMBO decides to walk BACK INTO Hope and basically ignite the man-dance feud between him and Teasle and by consequence the whole town. Walking that bridge was a great GEEK moment for me. NOTE: My timing was good - they are tearing down the bridge this year to build a new one.

After RAMBO escapes the police station , he steals a motorcycle and does a groovy jump over THESE train tracks.

The famous cliff that RAMBO jumps off. Stallone broke a couple of ribs when doing some of this stunt.

Can you see me scaling the cliff? Play "Where's Arrow!"

All that's missing is a chopper, some peeved cop sniping at me and me being about 5 meters higher. Its the same angle, same cliff and shot as in the film otherwise. What a trip!

Winds up that I was standing on the wrong side at this location. This is where Rambo yells out to the the cops: "I didn't do anything". So I blended both pics together and now Rambo and I are both saying: "I didn't do anything!".

When RAMBO blows up the town's power, this store goes dark. It still looks the same today as it did in the film back then.

So that's it in a skull shell. I saw more locations (like where the Sherriff station was, or the wall RAMBO leaned behind when shooting up the town at the end) but we'll leave it at that. I had a blast in RAMBO TOWN and recommend the journey to any hardcore RAMBO fan. You bet your ass that I will watch FIRST BLOOD again soon! Can't wait!


Make sure to catch the next JoBlo Movie Show where I take ya on location via video!





Extra Tidbit: Funnily enough "all American hero" Rambo’s real father was a Canadian author (born in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada) named David Morrell who wrote the novel FIRST BLOOD (published in 1972) on which the film was based on. In the book, the character was only called RAMBO (Morrell took the name off a brand of apples) and yes RAMBO died at the end.
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