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Being thankful! A word on my directorial debut The Shelter and its release!

11.23.2016by: The Arrow

Hey guys, Arrow here (yes the mofo that founded the site you're on)! Being that some of you give a shite in terms of what I do outside the site (Right mom?), I figured I’d drop some words here for all 3 of you. As some of you may know, my directorial THE SHELTER, starring MICHAEL PARE got its premiere at the Ahrya Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills recently (watch the Post Screening QNA here). It went well and acted as peak for me and the film in terms of a 2 year battle to get it done.

Now a lot has come out of The Shelter’s release. I’ve never been interviewed this much in my life, the film got a slew of solid reviews (yes the LA Times one was a highlight), The Academy of Motion Pictures (Oscar baby) put the script in their library and personally the most rewarding thing of all was the folks that have expressed to me how much the film moved them or/and made them think. That was the point of that one, hence mission accomplished.

Now, THE SHELTER (Trailer here) is presently on cable and on VOD in North America. Everybody that rents/buys it through the proper channels helps us recoup the money we invested into making the film (on my end, it was my life savings... had to do it). At this level, the only revenue we get is via legit rentals, anything outside of that, hurts us as opposed to helping (exposure don't pay the bills). Scroll down to see where to watch THE SHELTER in North America. You can also PRE ORDER the DVD HERE (which comes out on January 3rd 2017 with some cool extras). We’re also working on getting the film distributed across the world as we speak!



I would like to wrap it up by thanking a couple of people (it is Thanksgiving after all). Thanks to Producer Donny Broussard who came in early on the project and busted his ass to get me what I needed to shoot this puppy. Thank you to my DP/Editor Bobby Holbrook (and the Holbrook Multi Media team)! Bobby gave me all that he had during production and then stayed with me in the trenches during the baffling “technical-warfare” laced process that was Post. Also a big thank you to Executive Producer and hombre Berge Garabedian aka JoBlo  (this was the first JoBlo Movie Productions effort BTW) for believing in the project and being my rock throughout this emotional roller coaster ride, always kicking me in the ass when I started to feel defeated. And of course a huge thanks to star Michael Pare who took a chance on a first time director and went all out for the movie. Every positive review in terms of his performance is MUCHO deserved.

I couldn’t go on without thanking my pal Writer/Director Eric Red (who gave me solid tips during Pre and Post) and his wonderful wife Meredith Red. Both of them had my back throughout this journey and it was much esteemed. And thanks to Uncork'd Entertainment for taking on what is a fairly "out of the box" film on. PS: Shout out to my amazing cast and crew! The crew was a well-oiled machine, my cast rose to the task, no way this would have happened with lesser talented people, specially taking into account the short production time we had. Pat yourselves on the back! Finally THANK YOU to those of you who have and are still supporting the movie and my endeavors! Every positive PM, Tweet, E-Mail etc. helped me and still helps me to keep fighting! Am out of thanks... for now.  Happy Thanksgiving y'all! John Fallon aka The Arrow

NOTE: I look forward in making more films under my Bruise Productions banner, got a few in development - stay tuned!

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