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Arrow's TOP 5 summer films!

05.04.2009by: The Arrow

The summer is upon us once again. BE HAPPY! Hot dames in little clothing aside, I'm jazzed cause Hollywood is pulling out its big guns and shooting all kinds of SUMMER LOVIN my way. Sadly, not much summer horror going on this year, but still lots to be stoked about.

With WOLVERINE out of the way; here are my TOP 5 MOST ANTICIPATED SUMMER MOVIES, horror and non horror. Share your own TOP 5 below by spitting them bullets!


WHY: I'm a huge fan of the cartoon and I have been waiting for the live action version for what feels like forever. It took this TRAILER to sell me. Looks exactly the way a GI JOE movie should look in my book! The casting is spot on, the visuals kinetic enough and the action looks like a damn blast ! I know I'm in the minority online, people seem to hate this TRAILER but I f*cking loved it! YO JOE!



WHY: I was not a big fan of Zombie's original HALLOWEEN, but I am a fan of Zombie the director. HOUSE OF A 1000 CORPSES and DEVIL'S REJECTS are gold to me! So the fact that H2 is its own film, not bound by the boundaries of the original sequel gives me hope that it will kick some serious ass. Also, TYLER MANE makes for one hell of a badass Michael Myers! Seeing him at work puts a smile on my face. BRING IT!



WHY: I'm a Trekkie at heart! Loved the original series, worshipped NEXT GENERATION, dug on the all the movies (even Part 5) and this prequel/reboot looks like it did it all the right moves. It nailed its casting (Kirk and Spock look so much like... well Kirk and Spock) took the best elements out of its source and gave it a healthy ACTION injection. Looks like it will please the old school fans while appealing to a mass audience. Moreover, you can't wrong with the GREAT Eric Bana in any film.



WHY: The Evil Dead, The Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness... that's why! Although the trailer didn't blow me away, its still SAM RAIMI back behind the horror lens where he belongs and that alone has me stoked to high heavens. If its as good as THE GIFT, I'll be happy - if its as good as THE EVIL DEAD; I'll kill myself out of joy.



WHY: When I heard that we went from JAMES CAMERON to freaking McG, I wasn't too happy about it. I just didn't think the dude was up to the task. But so far EVERYTHING I have seen from the film has blown me the f*ck away. The scope of it all, the bang on special effects, DOP verbal abuser Christian Bale doing his thing... and now that I heard that we'll get a CG Arnold face somewhere in there...consider me FIRST IN LINE!


Source: AITH



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