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Astron-6's Manborg invading theaters and DVD in April

03.01.2013by: Kevin Woods

Astron-6, the crazy cats behind Troma's FATHERS DAY, are back at it with MANBORG, a campy, comedic sci-fi festival hit that will be hitting select theaters and DVD on April 30 from Dark Sky Films. We have a look at the trailer and the DVD artwork for ya below, so check that shite out after the synopsis.

The armies of hell have taken over the Earth, and all that stands in the way of the villainous Count Draculon and humanity's total extinction is a motley crew of misfits led by the mighty Manborg: a warrior who's half-man, half-machine, but all hero. Once a young soldier killed during the first war against hell, Manborg (Matthew Kennedy, Lazer Ghosts 2) reawakens in the future, rebuilt as a walking weapon and mankind's last hope. Struggling to learn the secret of his origins, Manborg unwittingly befriends a post-apocalyptic Australian punker (Conor Sweeney, Heart of Karl), a knife-wielding vixen (Meredith Sweeney, Father's Day) and a kung fu master (dubbed by Kyle Herbert of DRAGON BALL Z, STREET FIGHTER) before finally squaring off against Count Draculon (Adam Brooks, Father's Day) in a desperate and bloody bid to take back the Earth."

Looks like a goofy good time, eh?

No word on special features on the disc, but if MANBORG looks like your kind of flick, you can pre-order it right now by clicking HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Did you check out Astron-6's FATHERS DAY?



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