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Astronaut-killing aliens exist near a black hole in Alter

04.16.2012by: Eric Walkuski

Let's just hope this isn't the next APOLLO 18.

As Variety has it, Voltage Pictures (THE HURT LOCKER) has abducted the spec script ALTER, from sibling scribes John and Thomas Sonntag.

The story evidently centers on a team of scientists aboard a space station monitoring activity around a black hole when they receive a transmission showing their deaths at the hands of mysterious aliens.

Hard not to like the sound of that, but as we know little else, we've got to wait and see if the creative team will be able to fulfill the concept's considerable potential.

BenderSpink (THE RUINS, THE RING) will produce alongside Stephen L'Heureux (100 FEET). A helmer is being sought now.

100 FEET star Famke Janssen

Extra Tidbit: Do you dig the ALTER plot?
Source: Variety



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