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Attack of the Werewolves hits UK Blu-ray/DVD October 8th

09.17.2012by: Ike Oden

Sometimes UK Schmoes get all the luck. Not only do you guys have awesome accents and a more sophisticated sense of irony than most North American movie fans, but you’re also getting Juan Martinez Moreno’s ATTACK OF THE WEREWOLVES (aka GAME OF WEREWOLVES) before us!

Before you all start ganging up on me, yes, I consider a good werewolf movie on par with the attributes listed above. After all, a solid Wolfman flick is hard to come by these days. Hell, Universal couldn’t even remake THE WOLF MAN and do it right. ATTACK OF THE WEREWOLVES takes the man-in-a-werewolf-suit style and appears to do it right for once. Not only that, but the film’s premise is funny as hell. One man against an lycanthropic town? Sign me up, baby.

The flick hits UK shelves October 8th. British Schmoes and North Americans who are lucky enough to own region-free players can check out the trailer below before ordering the DVD or Blu-ray. North American Schmoes without region-unlocked players can check out the trailer below and seethe in envy.

1910. In a remote village, a terrible curse has fallen on the evil Marchioness of Marino and her son – transforming him into a blood-thirsty werewolf who preys on the residents of the village. One hundred years on, Thomas, the only male descendent of the Marino family, returns home to a warm welcome from the villagers but things aren’t quite what they seem. After a century of being terrorized by the vicious werewolf, they plan to break the curse by sacrificing him 100 years to the day when the original curse fell. Thomas must defeat the villagers and pit his wits against a violent beast in order to save himself and overcome a curse that threatens to last for a further 100 years.

Extra Tidbit: Favorite Wolfman of all time? I'm partial to Stan Winston's MONSTER SQUAD design, myself.



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