Aussie sci-fi horror flick Crawlspace gets new poster, trailer & synopsis

Way back in April, we netted the first sighting of Justin Dix's Aussie sci-fi/horror flick CRAWLSPACE. Now, as the flick nears its October 20th release in its native land down under, we have an even fresher poster, trailer and synopsis for cool but odd looking joint. Get low and scope it!

Starring Peta Sergeant (below), Nicholas Bell, David Whiteley, Amber Clayton and Eddie Baroo:

Crawlspace is set beneath the sands of the Australian outback at the secretive 'Pine Gap' research facility. When all contact is lost with the compound a group of elite soldiers goes in looking for answers, and as their search takes them deeper inside the facility they discover that something terrible has escaped. Under attack and with their numbers dwindling, the soldiers must fight their way out as unimaginable terrors stalk them in the darkness.

Keep it near as our ears are open for a wider release date.

Extra Tidbit: Ammon, Eric...why haven't you bastards watched the 1986 movie CRAWLSPACE I recommended like a year ago?
Source: AITH



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