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Avatar rules B.O.

12.21.2009by: Ammon Gilbert

It's the Monday after AVATAR hit the planet, and I think the world is waiting to know... did it FAIL or become BOX OFFICE GOLD? Well folks, as director James Cameron already announced to the world over a decade ago, he's stills 'the King of the World' as AVATAR kicked all kinds of Box Office ass over the weekend!

In 3 days AVATAR hit $73M, making it the second highest December opening ever (close behind Fox's I AM LEGEND at $77M), as well as the highest opening for a 3D film. Not too shabby...

Around the world, AVATAR soaked up an additional $160M, with a grand world wide total of $233M! Looks like Cameron was right, naysayers were wrong, and the film is going in the right direction to hit the $750M mark, the amount needed for the film to essentially 'break even.' I think it's safe to say that the film is not a flop, as word of mouth and even most critics seem to be on the positive side.

The rest of the box office was uneventful and not really worth mentioning. I'm stoked to see James Cameron ruling the world again, as it's been far too long since he's been at the director's chair. I just hope this propels him into making more movies more frequently, and not take another 12 year hiatus.

Now the big question remains... what did YOU think of AVATAR??? Spit some bullets below and let your voice be heard!

Extra Tidbit: The thought crossed my mind that this would be a huge box office flop. I'm glad that thought was wrong.
Source: B.O. Mojo



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