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AVP Christmas

01.03.2008by: Ammon Gilbert
With the holidays finally over and AVP-R getting ripped a new a-hole by just about everyone whose seen it, I almost don't think this little number should even be mentioned... except that it's pretty damn funny, and some of you out there may just end up enjoying the hell outta it.

Over at McSweeney's Internet Tendency, there's an excerpt from a script by a Ben Joseph that may just have you rolling on the floor. The script? ALIEN VS PREDATOR SAVE CHRISTMAS. I shit you not!

No surprise that it's his 'rejected script' as there's no way it would ever be made, but the fact that somebody wrote this beast with hopes that one day it would be a reality... you have to admire that!

Have yourself a ball by clicking HERE, read how Aliens and Predators save Christmas, and be sure to check out AVP-R in theaters... if you dare.

Source: McSweeney's



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