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AvP2 is R!

01.05.2007by: Ammon Gilbert
The Reelz Channel had a chance to visit the set of the upcoming sequel to ALIEN VS PREDATOR, this one set in suburban America and subtitle SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. After Paul W.S. Anderson's shitfest of a film, I wasn't too excited to see this new flick, this time directed by Greg and Colin Strause. That is, until I saw the Set Visit below.

According to the Strause Bros., AVP2 is looking to be more along the lines of gritty action/horror like ALIEN and ALIENS, and best of all... it's not going to be PG-13!!! Nope, if what they say is true (and Fox doesn't pull some last minute editing before it's release), AVP2 is going to be rated R, in all it's bloody violent glory!

I suppose Hell does freeze over, as I never thought they'd do an R rated sequel to the PG-13 original... all the more reason to expect that this sequel will far out-do the original. Given, an MPAA assigned rating does not make a movie good (or bad), but as AVP sucked elephant balls, I think it's safe to assume they can only go up from here.

You can check out the YouTube video below (have a blast, it's only a couple minutes long), and prepare for AVP2: SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST in theaters this coming December.

Source: Reelz Channel



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