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Awesome, gory new one-sheet for the second season of "The Walking Dead"

07.22.2011by: Jake Dee

Not even 24 hours ago we relayed a few new stills from the upcoming second season of "The Walking Dead." Well, with the Comic-Con in full throat, we now have an awesomely gory new one-sheet for the hit zombie series. I love the scratchy low-tech look...shite resembles a poster for an obscure Italian 70s movie. Love it!!!

Now, I've been on record as someone who believes the first season of "The Walking Dead", while a lot of fun, definitely got weaker with each passing episode. The strongest stints were the ones written and directed by showrunner Frank Darabont (he wrote the first two, directed the pilot). With the second season jump from 6 to 13 episodes, with the season one writers out the door (Darabont the only remaining...and he just edits and rewrites at this point), I'm worried the encore session of the show will suffer. It'd also be nice if he had more zombies and less soap opera...but I digress...

Coming at us this October, the second season of "The Walking Dead" features returns from Andrew Lincoln, Laurie Holden (below), Sarah Wayne Callies, Jon Bernthal, Jeffrey DeMunn and more.

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Extra Tidbit: You like the new one-sheet as much as I do?
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