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Awesome Machine Girl pics!

07.05.2007by: Scott Carmichael

First off, how friggin' awesome is the picture above? I was seriously cracking up when I scrolled down to find that thing gawking back at me.

Anyways, the picture above and the ones seen below are from the film MACHINE GIRL, and are courtesy of the guys over at Fangoria. Not only do the pics look great, the film itself sounds fantastic, following in the same vein of movies like ICHI THE KILLER and FULL METAL YAKUZA.

MACHINE GIRL tells the story of Ami, a teenager whose life is made hell by bullies and a family history tainted by the false accusation of murder. Pushed over the edge by the death of her brother and the loss of an arm, Ami seeks revenge with the aid of a replacement appendage: a machine gun pieced together for her by a kindly garage mechanic. All hell breaks loose when Ami confronts the gang of ninjas responsible for her woes. 

It's so wild because a similar thing happened to me. I was also bullied in high school by a gang of ninja thieves. Luckily Christopher Lambert was my computer analyst teacher and after learning to use a samurai sword, he helped me defeat them. Wait, no never mind. That was The Hunted.

Anyways, take a peep at the rest of the pics below and we'll be sure to keep you informed on the developments of MACHINE GIRL as they happen.

Source: Fangoria



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