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Bad Biology to DVD

01.05.2010by: Ammon Gilbert
If you're a fan of such films as BASKET CASE and FRANKENHOOKER, then you're a fan of director Frank Henenlotter, which means the upcoming DVD release of BAD BIOLOGY (read Eric's review HERE) should be at the top of your list!

On Tuesday, January 26, BAD BIOLOGY is coming to DVD for you to own in a brand new Special Unrated Edition, courtesy of Media Blasters, Inc. and Fever Dreams, LLC. But what, praytell, is BAD BIOLOGY all about? Easy It's about a young woman (Charlee Danielson) and man's (Anthony Sneed) search for their own perverse sexual fulfillment, unaware of each other's existence. One day, due to an unfortunate quirk of destiny, they cross paths! The highly volatile physical and mental bonding of these two very unusual human beings (a polite term for 'freaks') spirals toward an explosive and ultimately over-the-top sexual experience for both them and viewers alike! When the smoke clears, the end result is a truly messy, god-awful love story that will long be remembered.

Calling this flick bizarre is the understatement of the year (regardless of how young the year is), but it could be just what the doctor ordered for a taste of something outside the norm. Plus, when has Henenlotter ever let you down? Exactly.

To pre-order this DVD, click HERE, and get ready for BAD BIOLOGY on DVD January 26.

Extra Tidbit: BAD BIOLOGY was produced by underground rapper R.A. "The Rugged Man" Thorburn.
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