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Bad Meat comes to DVD in February without director Rob Schmidt's name on it...

12.03.2012by: Ike Oden

Coming to DVD next year is an indie horror flick with quite a troubled reputation. BAD MEAT, a gory comedy involving teen delinquents, a killer virus, and cannibalism, is set to his shelves February 19th. A good part of the film was directed by WRONG TURN filmmaker Rob Schmidt before the company producing it, Capitol Films, shut down production. Word is they were two weeks away from completion when funding dried up and Schmidt subsequently walked away from the project.

Now that the film is finally heading to DVD, someone by the name of "Lulu Jarmen" is getting the directorial credit. However, there's been heavy speculation in the past that Jarmen is, in all likeliness, a pseudonym in the tradition of "Alan Smithee." Though the flick looks gory as hell and sports a great cast, a director refuting his credit does not bode well for the film in question. Until Lulu Jarmen surfaces to defend his or her involvement, we can only assume this is the case.

The film stars Dave Franco, Elizabeth Hanois (pictured below), Jessica Parker-Kennedy and Mark Pellegrino. Check out the trailer and synopsis below and decide whether or not you're curious enough to sample the BAD MEAT in question...

A group of so-called "problem teens" are sent by their parents to a repressive Boot Camp in the middle of nowhere, in the hope that the strict regime will transform them into youthful model citizens that their parents can be proud of. However the kids refuse to play ball, and tensions emerge between them as they try to resist the guards' sadistic methods.

Meanwhile, the camp's down-trodden cook has also tired of the abuse meted out to him by the guards, and fixes them a meal of illegal, diseased meat...a final "screw you!" before he abandons the camp. But he doesn't know that the meat is infected with a virus, which instead of simply making the guards ill as he intended, transforms them into flesh-crazed maniacs!

If our heroes are to make it to morning and survive the carnage, they must put aside their differences and work together. They're going to learn the lessons of maturity and responsibility – the hard way...

Extra Tidbit: Rob wasn't the only director to walk away from a Capitol flick-- David O. Russell ditched his drama NAILED (starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel) for similar reasons.
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