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New American Muscle trailer with Nick Principe, Todd Farmer & John Fallon!

08.29.2014by: Eric Walkuski

We're all kinds of stoked around here for AMERICAN MUSCLE, the gritty, take-no-prisoners revenge flick written by our very own John "The Arrow" Fallon. Sure, we're going to support our fearless leader no matter what, but thankfully the movie really does appear to kick untold amounts of ass in an old school way.

Today a new trailer for the film which stars Nick Principe, Todd Farmer, John Fallon, Robin Sidney and Trent Haaga, has arrived on the scene, and we've got it for your eyes below. Reach for that bottle of Jack and your favorite firearm and enjoy!!

Here's the film's synopsis:

John Falcon (Nick Principe) is a bad, bad man. But he didn’t deserve to go to prison. Now, after 10 years of hard time, he’s hell-bent on revenge. Screaming across the scarred landscape of the Yucca Valley, Falcon’s got 24 hours to inflict brutal vengeance on everyone he holds responsible for putting him away. Including his own brother.

AMERICAN MUSCLE bursts onto Blu-ray/DVD September 30th. Pre-order your copy right HERE. Also, if you missed the first, NSFW trailer, hit it up right HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Is AMERICAN MUSCLE speaking to ya?
Source: Crave Online



Spitting Bullets
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4:42PM on 08/29/2014

Very Cool

Lots of talent packed under the hood of this movie.
Lots of talent packed under the hood of this movie.
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